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Asset Tagging Service Tagging and Labeling Services

Asset Tagging system is the process for identifying and managing hardware assets. Asset tagging service is not about simply adding a sticker highlighting the machine name, user and location. Asset tagging, and the corollary activity of associating accurate data to the asset tag, is a practice for managing and reconciling ownership, location and configuration of hardware assets.

Serial numbers are often duplicated, damaged or not available during the inventory process. The format of the serial number varies widely by manufacturer, which is not conducive to a database key identifier. Serial number collection is prone to human error and interpretation. Serial numbers often have special non-alpha or non-numeric characters (#, -, %). While the serial number is a key data point for all assets, it should not be used as the standard data point for tracking and reporting purposes in isolation. Bar coding of the Asset Label is the preferred route. This allows for a consistent, key identifier for all assets in a standard format. Bar coding also allows for a more controlled inventory. Tags can be tracked and assets visually confirmed as well as being captured within the inventory.

In the Data Centre Server, storage, network and infrastructure hardware assets require significant capital investment and extensive maintenance cost for any organization. Additionally, asset loss, business or workflow interruptions and data breaches remain a serious risk. Tracking and managing these assets in the data centre as efficiently as possible is critical to business operations and maximum return on investment.  

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